DIY // Glitter Easter Eggs

One of my favorite things about Easter other than celebrating with the family is being able to sneak up on everyone with a confetti egg. I usually carry a few in my purse and then crack them on someone's head when they least expect it. It's pretty fun. I usually make my own and fill the eggs with confetti myself, but this year I decided to just buy them from the grocery store and decorate them a bit. If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you should know by now that glitter is one of my favorite things so it only made sense to make my easter eggs sparkly. 
 Supplies: Eggs, Glue, Paint Brush, Glitter
 Paint your design onto your egg...
 and sprinkle with glitter. It's as simple as that. I tried a few different looks like stripes, crosses, and half dipped...just have fun with it.
xoxo erica