Life Lately

Hey everyone :) I'm back and guess what? I'm married!!! After all the months of planning and hard work, it's finally over. I'm so happy. Life has been good. We went to the beach for our's the only place I can truly relax and we did just that.  It's been two weeks now and we are finally getting back to real life. lol  
 1. Taking mid-day naps. Just being a little lazy like you should be while on vacation.
 2. I took off from work two days before the wedding. This was that Thursday having breakfast with my sis before all the madness began. I would call this, the calm before the storm.
3. Swimming in the pool. We had it all to ourselves. The beach was actually really cold...thankfully the pools were heated.
3. Dinner by the water with my love.
4. Balloons left over from the wedding.
5. Drinks by the beach :)
6. Picking up our rings a few days before the wedding.
7. His grooms was delicious! We took the whole poke ball to the honeymoon.
8. A little bit of pieces from the wedding. Our colors were pink, mint, and gold.
10. Just kissing in the mouth of a shark.  He's pretty scary looking right?

xoxo erica
Can't wait to share photos from the wedding once we get them from the photographer.