Hair Tutorial // Braided Topsy Tail

I"m a big fan of hairstyles that take up almost no time at all. I'm guilty of hitting the snooze button once or twice...okay maybe even three times so fast and easy are key to my morning routine. This style is ridiculously easy, super cute, and it looks like it takes more effort than really needed. 
1. Pull hair to one side. Grab about 1/3 of a section from underneath and rubber band the rest.
2. With the section that is rubber banded, separate hair into two sections right above the rubber band.
3. Pull your pony tail through the hole created by the separated sections.
You should now have a topsy tail.
4. Braid the remaining 1/3 section from earlier and rubber band.
5. Wrap braid around topsy tail.
6. Rubber band the braid to your topsy tail and remove the rubber band from when you braided the 1/3 section.
All done!! I just went with a regular braid but I think a fishtail braid wrapped around your topsy tail would look just as cute. Don't know how to do a fishtail?? Check out the tutorial here.
xoxo erica