DIY // Simple Dip Dyed Wall Hanging

 I'm constantly inspired by new things all the time and if it's simple enough I try to make it myself. Being creative and making things with my hands is king of my thing. Lately I've been seeing these pretty wall hangings made out of yarn and knew I had to give it a try. There are so many variations you can do with yarn wall hangings to really fit your style. I went with a colorful dip dyed version :)
 1. Cut yarn. Each piece will be double the desired length because it is folded in half.
2. Loop onto stick. Fold string of yarn in half, place the loop under the stick. Pull the two ends through the loop. Tighten and pull down. Continue this process until you have the width of desired wall hanging.
3. Fill cup about half way with water and add blue food coloring. Dip about 2/3 of yarn into cup. I left mine sitting for about 5 minutes. Let air dry.
4. Before the yarn is completely dry, dip the ends into a cup with red food coloring, leave in for another 5 minutes and let air dry.
5. Once completely dry, cut yarn going from the outside to center at an angle.
 xoxo erica