Black and White Summer

Blouse: Gifted, Shorts: Thrifted, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Bag: Thrifted
Over the weekend we went to see Fall Out Boy!! They were just as good as they've always been. Oh and Paramore was pretty great too and we were like this close to getting confetti bombed. Not sure why that's a thing with me, but I've always wanted to get confetti bombed. With as many concerts as I've been to, you would think that I have but when I'm super close, no confetti. Then when there is confetti, I'm barely missing it. Oh you've been confetti bombed? lucky you! I went with some skinny jeans and a  fall out boy tee that chris bought me for the concert. This outfit is from the day after. I love my litas but I'm not about to wear them to a concert lol. Black and white outfits have been what my summer's about.
xoxo erica