If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Updated Cardigan

You all know that lately I've been obsessed with studding everything. As the weather has gotten cooler I've been pulling out the cardigans a bit more and thought it would be fun to update one. I like that by adding the embellishment it still has the same kind of look as studs but this is actually more appropriate for work. Oh and look, I'm wearing blue jeans and flats! Chris actually sent me on a mission to buy a pair of jeans last week...so far I'm liking them.

I had wanted to use gold buttons but couldn't find a big bag of them so I used gold brads that I found in the scrap-booking area of the craft store. They worked pretty well and were the most simple thing to attach to my cardigan. If your cardigan/sweater happens to be a bit thin, I would add in a piece of felt to keep the end of the brads from showing or coming through. Other than that, all you have to do is just put them in the design you want...such an easy way to update your old cardigan.

xoxo erica

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