Magnolia Market at the Silos

Over the weekend Chris and I went to Arlington to see the Texas Rangers play. We are both huge fans and didn’t want to miss seeing Adrian Bletre get his number retired at the ball park. Go #29! The Rangers won and we got to go to Texas Live for the first time and check out all the restaurants and bars. We drank, had pizza, and walked backed to our car at 2 in the morning…okay maybe Chris may have given me a piggy back ride part of the way back to our car lol The next day we went to Six Flags Over Texas and had the most fun. I love roller coasters so I had a blast and luckily Chris survived the day without getting sick. When we left from Arlington the next day Chris decided to take a different way back home than what we usually go. After pulling up the GPS I quickly noticed we were passing right through Waco and told Chris that we needed to stop by the Magnolia Market. I couldn’t pass up the chance since the Silos are just like two minutes off of the highway.

This was actually the quickest part of our weekend trip and we made the most our little two hour detour. We walked around at the shop and looked at all the pretty things…so much good stuff there I wanted it all! After that we headed out and ordered some grilled cheeses to enjoy out in the sun. They were good but Chris still said that my grilled cheese is better :) Hire me Joanna! The day was really pretty and there was a nice breeze outside so hanging out in the sunshine was kinda perfect.

They also had the cutest little seed supply store there. I don’t have a green thumb but I try. Chris has better luck than I do and we ended up bringing home some sunflower, bluebonnet, and aster seeds with us. Chris tried to convince me to buy kale seeds…maybe next time. For now I’ll just stick with buying it from the grocery store.

There was no way we would come to the Magnolia Market without taking home some cupcakes!! I had heard stories about the line to the bakery but we only had to wait about 15-20 minutes which I didn’t think was too bad. The bakery was actually pretty cute and they only let a few people in at a time so you don’t ever feel overcrowded and can take whatever pics comfortably. I ended up getting 3 cupcake flavors, vanilla with vanilla buttercream, strawberry with vanilla buttercream, and vanilla with chocolate buttercream frosting and sprinkles! Chris brought home an oatmeal cream pie and some sugar cookies. I was actually surprised that he didn’t get chocolate chip because I thought that was his favorite type of cookie and it turns out his favorite is a sugar cookie…like what?! How had I been wrong all these years? I guess you can still learn new things after 16 years together.

I’m so glad we decided to stop by here unexpectedly. It was a fun break from the car and we both enjoyed being at this pretty place. We didn’t eat the cupcakes or cookies until we got home and OMG they were sooooo good. Chris said he would drive the 3 & 1/2 hours just to stock up on more cupcakes and cookies lol

xo erica