How I Shop on a Budget

Just like every girl out there I’m always shopping. The key to me not killing my paycheck on clothes every week is that I shop on a budget. I mix new with used and even when I shop new it’s usually sale. Here are my favorite ways to shop on a budget.

I buy used clothing all of the time!!! I would say about 70 percent of my closet is used but new to me clothing. Obviously when buying used I’m usually at a thrift store. Thrifting is something I’ve been doing since forever and I absolutely love it. I love going to a thrift store not knowing what I’m going to find and sifting through all the clothing and finding new things to bring home.

Other ways to shop used is at places like Plato’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. These stores sell used clothing from all of your favorite stores that people bring in to sell. There will be an employee that goes through the items that someone brings and will buy from them so pretty much what you find in the store is usually more of what’s on trend at the moment. The good thing about these places is that since they buy clothing from you that means you can sell to them and make money (yes!!!) or even put the money you make towards a purchase.

My favorite app to use to buy clothes is Poshmark. You can also sell your closet here and set your own prices and accept offers from customers. It’s really easy to use but I usually use the app to purchase. Every order is priority shipping so you get your items fast! I love finding a good deal on this app and the offer feature makes it really easy to save a few extra bucks. You can search by brand or even by what you are looking for like “shoes” and then filter by size, color, type…all those good things. I’ve probably used the app the most to find pairs of shoes that I love and have worn out and want to purchase again. For a time being there were some black glitter flats that I loved and I purchased them three times. Same goes for a pair of black and nude block heels and the white and nude block heels you see me wear all the time.

Other fun ways that I’ve shopped used is buying from instagram closet sales. This is a little more hard to come by and I just happen to have a girl that I follow that wears my size that likes to sell through instagram…I’ll take it :) I’ve even participated in a clothing swap before which is really cool to do because you’re not spending any money. All you have to do is set up a place and time and everyone brings a certain amount of pieces of clothing and you swap with each other…easy peasy and you can make it really fun by making a girls night in with yummy eats and drinks.

When shopping new I love using wishlists on the stores app. I’ll go through and “window shop”, put what I like in my wishlist, and then check in when the store is offering an online sale. If I see something and I absolutely love it I will by it right then and there depending on the price but I really really have to love it. My go to place to shop online is Asos. They even have a priority shipping subscription that you pay $20 for a year and will get all your purchases within two days. This comes in handy because for whatever reason I hate paying for shipping and making a one time payment beats paying the regular price for ground shipping which is going to take longer to get in for every purchase.

These are the things that I’ve been doing to shop on a budget. If you have any other tips definitely let me know in the comments!

xoxo erica