Life Lately

1. When I met my niece's new pup, I had to take a selfie with him. This kind of cuteness needs to be shared!! Look at those baby blues.
 2. I recently celebrated a friends birthday and gave her this starburst filled pinata. It's so happy, fun, and festive...I love being able to give gifts like that.
3. This is that heart backdrop I talked about that Chris and I did for our Valentines Day was a big hit at our party.
4. I made this shadow box with flowers from my wedding bouquet. I've been meaning to do it for months and I'm really happy I finally got around to doing it. 
5. These are my current favorite shoes. All I'm waiting for is the weather to warm up's currently freezing...brrr.
6. We celebrated our nieces birthday last week. This was my OMG we are Chuck E. Cheese rich face!
7. Painted this not too long ago because cream is everything.
8. Is anyone else obsessed with this show? Girls and Pretty Little Liars are my current fav shows.
9. I was suppose to share these chocolates but that didn't really end up happening. lol
10. So this is probably my favorite picture ever! I love Papa Roach and went we went to the show at the end of January, I met Jerry Horton the lead guitarist...he's actually my #1 celebrity crush! Happy girl here.

xoxo erica