DIY // Mean Girls Valentines

 I always like to hand out valentines and candy to the girls I work with. This year we've been doing movie nights with each other and Mean Girls was a movie I think we all knew line for line. Seriously, it's still one of my favorites! I thought some of the quotes from the movie would be cool valentines. I just handed them out this morning and they were a much fun. Definitely give these a try if you have some cool girls to hang out with tomorrow. 

1. Trace a heart onto watercolor paper.
2. Cut out and paint.
3. Once dry, add your favorite quotes.

Here is what I wrote on the back of these:
GROOL- Hey Valentine, you're pretty grool!
Whatever, I'm getting cheese fries- Hey Valentine, hope your day is full of all the good stuff!
You're like really pretty - Happy heart day!
So Fetch - Hope you have a fetch day Valentine!
I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom - Hey Valentine, you're the coolest!
On Valentine's Day we wear pink! - Happy Valentine's Day!

xoxo erica