Life Lately

This is from last weekend when we went to hang out in downtown...kissy pics are kinda my favorite.
 2. I recently joined poshmark and I bought these gorgeous gold shoes about 20 minutes after setting up my profile. I just couldn't help myself...they are sooooooooo cute!
3. Hey Scar, I'm trying to get a cute pic of my flowers! This crazy cat is always photoboming me.
4. While everyone at the beginning of the year was chomping on their salads, me and chris were like, large pepporoni please lol 
5. Over the weekend I got to pull these babies out. It's now currently cold freezing. I can't wait for spring to hurry up and get here!
 6. Making shopping wish lists come true makes me my heart happy. I had put this super cute bag on my wish list about 2 1/2 months ago...really excited to call it mine now.
7. My niece just turned 11...I can't even believe where the time goes. This was her deliciously good cake we celebrated with.
8. A little sprinkle here, a little sprinkle there is my current situation whenever there is chocolate, ice cream, or cake.
9. I'm still practicing my hand lettering with watercolor...this is the latest.
10. My new phone case! I like it so much that I like to match it and then take selfies lol but I do have to say my old phone cat case will forever be lady for life.

Happy Weekend y'all. Hope it's a good one!
xoxo erica