Cake & Craft Party // Halloween Pumpkin Decorating

 Last week I threw a fun get together for my family to start off the holiday season. Halloween has always been one of our favorite times of the year and I thought a little cake and crafting would be a great way to spend the night. For the crafting part of the party, I went with pumpkin decorating! I hadn't ever decorated a pumpkin before and had so much fun being all artsy with the family. Getting the party together was actually pretty easy. I tried to keep the concept simple...just cake and crafting. Thankfully I already I had a good supply of crafting materials like glitter, rhinestones, and paints. I only had to buy a few extra things and placed a good variety on the table. Everyone's pumpkin turned out ah-mazing. Not to brag, but my family is super talented.
Do you ever have crafting parties with your family or friends? Definitely give it a try!
xoxo erica