Girl Talk // Red Lipstick

I think almost every girl has one good tube of red lipstick.. For me, red lipstick is all about confidence and having fun. It's pretty much a secret weapon to instantly take you from a blah kind of day to feeling amazing kind of day. I've been wearing red lipstick for years and wanted to share my current favorites with you...just a little girl talk.
1. Sephora Rouge // i love this one because it's a darker red which is nice compared to all my other bright reds. this is actually the color I wore on my wedding day so it has a special place in my heart. every time i put it on, it reminds me of all the good memories from that day.
2. MAC Ruby Woo // this is my favorite red. like ever. and to me it smells like cake batter...yum, so yeah I just checked all the other lip colors and this one smells the best lol. anyhow this one is more of a matte lipstick and is really long lasting on it.
3. Urban Decay F-Bomb // i was completely surprised when chris bought me this lipstick as a gift. He's not crazy about red, but he knows i love it, so I was really happy when he gave it to me. this lipstick goes on like butter and is super moisturizing...i think chris did a good job on getting this one.
4. Maybelline Red Revival // this one is a long time favorite...i wore this one all the time in between the time i lost my ruby woo and bought a new one. when i run out, i always go back for more...this is actually my third tube.
Are you wearing your favorite red today? Do share what your favorites are.

xoxo erica