Margarita Gummy Bears

Every time Cinco de Mayo comes around, I find myself in the mood for a good margarita. For some reason i associate Cinco de Mayo with margaritas, just like I do s'mores with the Fourth of July, or pumpkin pie with Thanksgiving. Do you do that with holidays? Anyway for our wedding me and Chris had vodka gummy bears that we handed out to family and friends during the dance. I thought it would be interesting to try them with a margarita flavor. Yup, these were pretty great. I'll be making more for the weekend.
 I used a pre-made margarita mix but if you want to make your own fresh margaritas check this one out.
Put your gummy bears in a small container and fill with margarita until they are immersed.
Put them in the freezer for a few hours until they have frozen.
Once frozen, remove them in place them in the fridge. 
I let mine sit in the fridge for a whole day, stirring them around every once in a while.
There was just a bit of the margarita left at the bottom and that can be just strained that out.
It's really that easy, now go makes these for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta this weekend!
xoxo erica