Curl Your Hair with a Straightener Tutorial

 I have naturally wavy/curly hair...the kind that is all wild and frizzy. I usually straighten my hair whenever I go out but with thin hair it can get to looking flat. Recently I've been stealing **borrowing** my niece's hair wand to curl my hair to add more bounce and body. The only problem is I don't have one at home so figured I would learn how to do it with my straightener since I don't feel like going to buy a wand or curling iron. Remember I'm saving for a wedding and when it comes down to spending a little bit on myself I'd rather go for new pair of shoes. Besides curling your hair with a straightener happens to be really easy.
 1. Pull up half of your hair and separate into 2 sections
2. Clamp a strand of hair in straightener, wrap around, and pull down to the end of your strand.
You've got a curl!
 Keep repeating these steps: Clamp, wrap, and pull
 3. Let down your top pieces of hair and do the steps for each side.
4. Spray a bit of hair spray...brush fingers through if you want softer curls.
 All done!
Wear your gorgeous curls out on a hot date or something like that!!

xoxo erica

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