A Love Note to William

William when you were a baby, those beautiful eyes of your had me from the start. I loved how big your heart was even if your dad was your entire world. Chris is such a lucky guy to have had both of us love him so much. Whenever we would take photos, I loved how funny you always were when rolling around in the dirt...when you were done you didn't even look black because you were covered in dirt. I remember the first time we brought you outside, you were so fascinated by the birds. I was sure your mission was to catch as many as possible and I believe we caught you once. You were such an adventurous cat and an explorer...I loved that you were so curious about the world around you. That's why when you didn't show up in the afternoon that first day you were missing I wasn't too worried, but by night I knew something was wrong. I'm glad we were able to find you in the end even if you're not with us anymore. I'm going to miss seeing that face everyday waiting for us after work. That's pretty much my last memory of you, laughing at you because you were sticking your tongue out. 
The last photo I took of William earlier last week

Love you always