How To Do a Unicorn Braid

I've just recently got into playing with my hair more often...braids seem to be my go to thing. Lately I've been learning how to do different types and thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you. This week, I'm starting out with something super easy...the Unicorn Braid (or as some people like to call the Rope Braid...but unicorn is so much more fun). This literally takes no more than a minute and is perfect for those days when you don't have time to fuss with your hair but want to look cute.

Here's How to do a Unicorn Braid.

1. I like to start with my hair straightend but that's up to you.
2. Make your part, I like to do mine to the side.
3. Pull all of your hair to one side.
4. Separate into 2 strands.

5. Twist one of your strands counter-clock wise.
6. Twist the other counter-clock wise as well. I usually just use my mouth to hold the 1st strand.
7. Start your braid by twisting the strands clock wise.
8. Twist all the way down, make as tight or lose as you want. Tie with a rubber band. 

All done, so easy right? And it seriously takes no more than a minute.

I hope you enjoyed this. Next week I'm going to share the 5 strand braid so be sure to check that out.

xoxo erica

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