DIY // Festive Christmas Tree Crown

So the holidays are already in full swing over here. I’ve already played white elephant, started secret santa, and decorated all around the apartment…and it’s only just a few days into December! Currently my calendar is already booked every weekend with some kind of holiday party…I mean the more the merrier when it comes to parties right?! Anyway I wanted to share this quick and easy festive diy that is sure to be a hit at any Christmas gathering you’ve got going on this holiday season. Also does it get any cuter than mini sequin trees? I don’t think so.

Supplies: Bottle Brush Trees, Sequins, Headband, & Glue Gun with Glue

The steps are simple.

1. Hot glue your sequins onto the trees to resemble ornaments.

2. Glue the trees to the headband…and that’s it! *you could also at this point add some felt underneath the headband in the areas where the trees are glued*

So fun! Happy Holidays Friends!

xo Erica