Lounging out at La Cantera Resort

My sisters and I had been talking about doing a girls trip with my mom for what seems like forever. Well, it finally happened this past weekend! We headed out to La Cantera Resort and Spa out in San Antonio's hill country...let me tell you, the views were beautiful. We really wanted to do a trip that was relaxing and a place where we could just wind down. This was definitely it. Most of my days there were spent by the pool with a tasty drink in a flamingo float and meals with the girls. We ate sooooo much good food  on this trip. I even tried my very first eggs benedict...it came with spicy chorizo. yum. It didn't disappoint. Also all of the views at the resort were pretty much what I needed to relax. I work in an office and it was such a nice change to spend almost half a week looking out into the hills. I spent most of my time at the edge of the pool just taking in the view...thinking, dreaming, and just enjoying the moment. 

xo Erica