DIY Queen of Hearts Tee

Hello :) So Valentine's Day is just around the corner and I couldn't wait to share this simple diy with you. Wouldn't it be fun to make this Queen of Hearts tee at your coming up Galentine's party or just to wear something festive but not too over the top on V-day? Let me tell you now, it's fun. I always like to celebrate holidays and when that holiday involves hearts, I'm all in. I thought this was a cute way to make a dressier skirt more casual or to make a pair of denim just a bit more fun. It really works for whatever style you are feeling. 

Supplies: a white tee, cutout stencils of hearts and Q's (I just printed my from word), red fabric, scissors, red thread, needle

The steps to making this tee are pretty easy...if you know me from my old blog then you know those are the type of projects I like lol.

Step 1. cut out your red fabric pieces. 1 large heart, 2 small hearts, and 2 Q's. Just pin the printed pieces to your red fabric and cut out.

Step 2. Pin your fabric pieces on to your tee and sew on. Yup, super simple.

shirt: diy, jeans: Francesca's, Heels: Zara

xoxo Erica