Simple Sparkle

I'm always in the mood for sequins, but there is something special about this time of year that makes really happy to wear them and sparkle about. I wore this about a week and half ago and I'm so glad that I did. It's is currently freezing now and I've been drinking an excessive amount of salted caramel mochas...that part I'm not complaining about. Truth be told I wore this same exact outfit except for the boots as my Halloween costume last year. We were splicers from the game BioShock...anyway I thought I had got rid of the pink dress and had always kinda wished I could wear the outfit again. I mean, c'mon this champagne sequin slip is a perfect combo with this pink dress. Well imagine my surprise while cleaning out my closet about three weeks ago when I realized I never got rid of it. YASSSSSS! And that's how this outfit came to be.

Sequin slip and dress: (thrifted) Similar  Boots: Target

xoxo Erica