OMG It's Finally Happening

Welcome to Catwalks and Confetti. I'm so happy you are here. I've been saying for months that I was going to start blogging again and that this site was coming soon and now it's finally here!  Of course there had to be a celebration photo shoot when I got the site ready to go live. That's right, I don't usually wear this rainbow tassel as a scarf. lol Although if you do that, I totally don't blame you. It's fun. And that's kinda what this blog is going to be about...having fun with my personal style, sharing cute crafty diy projects (get your glue gun, confetti, and gemstones ready), and a bit about my life here with my husband and our cat. Overall just a positive happy kind of space of mine. I hope you continue to stop by.

Glad to be back! Now excuse me while I do a happy dance. This girl is finally hitting publish on this post!

xoxo Erica