Happy Days

Oh hey y'all. It's been awhile...what's happening? I've actually just have been taking it easy. March has always been one of the craziest/busiest months for me. I went to blogger camp!!! That was sooooo much fun. We celebrated Chris' birthday last week. Did you see the pic on instagram of his birthday taco that I surprised him with? Funny story but  I woke him up by walking into the room while singing him happy birthday and holding his candlelit taco in my hand. He blew out the candles and then...I sprayed silly string at him. Is that mean? no, okay cool. In all fairness, Chris always puts cake on my face for my birthday. One time he even did it to me on


birthday. lol anyhow just this past weekend we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I've always known that time goes by fast but oh my this one really caught up one me. We actually got married on our dating anniversary so Sunday was also 12 years being together...March 29th is a really great day.

xoxo erica