A Sweet Idea // Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips

 Not too long ago, someone mentioned chocolate dipped potato chips and I haven't been able to get them out of my head. I kept telling Chris that I really wanted to try making them and finally got around to doing it this weekend. Mmm..mmm.mmm....they were soooooo good. I'm usually all about sweets but something about this salty sweet combination had me at hello. Chris didn't try them but more for me! I guess the thought of potato chips and chocolate doesn't sound like the best combination to some people...those crazies j/k lol To be honest, it actually tastes like a chocolate dipped pretzel...yum! 

 1. Melt milk chocolate chips in the microwave for a minute. 30 seconds through take out and stir with a spoon, then place back in for the remaining 30 seconds, then stir again.

2. Once the chocolate is melted, dip potato chips into the melted chocolate and place on a tray with parchment paper.

3. Add sprinkles!!!

4. Place in the freezer for about 3 minutes or just long enough to harden the chocolate.


 xoxo erica