Nail Tutorial // Two Toned Holiday Nails

 Hey everyone, are you all excited about the upcoming holidays as much as I am? Everything I do pretty much involves sequins, glitter, or any kind of sparkle these days. I recently tried a marble nail that was a total fail but one of my nails had this pretty split of color that inspired this design. And like I said, sparkles are pretty much swirling in my mind so yeah a thin strip of glitter makes the loveliest festive nail to pair with a full on sequin dress or even a casual jeans and tee.
 1. Paint your nails in a fun bright red base color.
2. Place a piece of scotch tape down the middle of your finger. I alternated sides.
3. Paint your nail in a cute ballerina pink.
4. Once dry, peel off tape carefully. Don't worry if the lines are a little messed up, they will be covered.
5. Using a thin brush, dip into a clear polish and draw a line down the middle.
6. Dip your nail into some extra fine glitter. I poured a bit of glitter into the glitter bottle cap.
7. Blow off excess glitter.
8. Top coat your nails. I top coated each section, the light pink and red on all nails first before going over the glitter on any nails to avoid getting glitter where it shouldn't be. 
All done!
Let me know if you try this on insta by tagging your pic #sobdlife  I would love to see if you try any other color combos!
xoxo erica