Hair Tutorial // Messy Fishtail Pony

It's officially feeling like sweater weather out here. The past few days have felt really nice with breezy afternoons and chilly nights. Last year I got really into scarves and can't wait to pull out some chunky knit ones soon. For some reason with a scarf, I find that I actually like wearing my hair up or pulled away from my face...cue in a messy fishtail pony, way better than your average pony.
 1. Pull hair into a high pony. When going for a messy look, I like to flip my hair over and pull it into a pony so that it doesn't look too neat.
2. Separate pony into two sections and start to braid your hair into a fishtail.
3. Once your pony is fully braided, pull at it to make it messy. You can even use a hairbrush to roughen it up. 
xoxo erica