Hair Tutorial // Loose Pigtail Braids

Whenever autumn starts to roll around my brain automatically thinks Free People and then I start to think loose messy braids. I just love the bohemian vibe. I've tried to do loose pigtail braids before but somehow could never get it right. They would still come out looking too tight or the braid part didn't seem to fall far down enough. But then it came to me and it turns out the look is so easy to achieve. It's all in the twist to make it look effortless.
1. Split your hair into two even sides.
2. Twist your hair in towards your face and rubber band about an inch and half down. 
3. Straighten out your hair so when you that begin to braid it comes down straight.
3. Braid whatever kind of braid you like...I went with a normal braid because it's fast.
4. Tie your braid at the bottom and cut the rubber band from the top of your braid.
5. Loosen the braid and repeat to the other side.
xoxo erica