DIY // Gold Confetti Pumpkin

 Sometime after Easter passed, I came across the prettiest eggs on Pinterest. They were dipped in gold confetti! Yeah, after glitter, confetti is pretty much my next favorite thing. I don't know how I missed it, but I did :( Thankfully I didn't have to wait around a whole year to dip anything in gold shiny confetti and made it work with this cute pumpkin I picked up last week. This is a really simple diy but it has the most gorgeous effect...loving it.
 Supplies: Pumpkin, glue, brush, and gold confetti (I made mine by cutting gold foil paper)
 1. Apply glue to pumpkin.
2. Using a brush, spread the glue to thin it out...this will help everything dry faster.
3. Sprinkle confetti. If there are any extra gaps, just use your hands to place confetti to fill it in.
4. Continue this all the way around the pumpkin and let dry.
xoxo erica