DIY // Garland Wrapped Invites

Invites: Tiny Prints
This year I decided to host my own halloween get together and went with a night of cake and crafting...the good stuff. Whenever I do invites, I always like to add that something extra special. Our wedding invites had an envelope full of heart confetti, last year's birthday invites came with glittered horn blowers, and for this party I went with a message garland. I think it's always fun to get the people you're inviting into a festive mood. With a message garland, I think the possibilities are endless. I used "boo", "witchy woman", and "cat lady" for the Halloween theme but "thankful" would work for a Friendsgiving dinner, "fa la la la" for a Christmas celebration, or "you're cute" for Galentines get it...just have fun with it.
1. Cut out flags and small squares for banner from scrapbook paper in contrasting colors.
2. I used a white paint pen for the lettering but I think a black sharpie would look just as great.
3. Use double stick tape to adhere letters to flags.
4. Hot glue flags to string and wrap around invites.
xoxo erica