Girl Talk // Tips on Sticking With a Workout Plan

Do you have the habit of going at a workout plan real strong in the beginning only to find yourself about two weeks later back in a slump? Yeah, that used to be me too. Lately Chris and I have been keeping up with working out consistently for the past 2 1/2 months. What?! Yeah, people we got this!
// Document It //
        -Take before and after photos. If you have a goal such as toning up or losing weight, I think it's a good idea to take these kind of photos. It doesn't matter if you hang them up on your wall or keep them locked away on your phone, but at least you have something you can look back at to see your progress.
 -Keep a journal. Whether you write it down or keep a photograph journal on instagram, this keeps you feeling accountable. Be honest on this, if you are documenting your meals...write it all down, even if you slip up. Sometimes if you didn't realize how often you grab fast food, writing it down or taking photos of your meals can really open your eyes and put you back on a healthy track. Even with your workouts, keeping a journal is a great way to chart your progress. Maybe before all you were doing was walking your miles but now you are running! Great job and keep it up!
// Find a Workout Partner // 
     -Get a workout buddy. I think this has made me and Chris successful with sticking with our workout plan because we keep each other motivated and push one another. If one of us feels like skipping out, the other one is there saying, "Come on, gym time....let's do got this" Something along those lines. Just help each other keep pushing forward.
     -Someone you can text, talk, and occasionally work out with. Sometimes, all it takes is someone to say, "hey, did you get your workout in this morning?"  Everyone has different schedules and going to the gym together everyday just doesn't work out. It doesn't mean you can't help keep each other motivated and accountable.
 -Join a community. I do Tone it Up and I love it! The tone it up community is filled with other women who motivate and push each other to complete workouts, eat healthy, and feel great about themselves. I participate mainly through instagram...I just have a separate instagram account. Any of you girls TIU girls? Let me know your insta in the comments so we can follow each other. Being able to see all the other girls getting their workouts done and sticking to a healthy nutrition plan really motivates me. If they can do it, then I can do it too.
// Make a Motivation Board //
     -Cut out or print out pictures and put it up on a poster board. Make a pinterest board. Either way, I think this is great to have something visual that you want to work towards. Put motiviational quotes on there as well to remind yourself that you can do it even when you are feeling not so into working out.
// Set Goals and Reward Yourself //
     -Set small weekly goals that will keep you pushing to your ultimate goal. When you hit those, reward yourself with something like a fresh manicure or new heels. Just make hitting the challenges fun and reward yourself with something that's going to make you feel amazing.
// Make it Easy on Yourself //
     - Prep to workout. Set aside a gym bag with all your workout essentials and leave it in the car that way you have no excuse to hit the gym after work. If you plan on working out at home, keep the gym bag in a designated spot in your room...just stay prepared.
     -If you want to get in morning workouts, try sleeping in your workout clothes. When you wake up in the morning, all you have to do is get out of the bed. I know those Victoria's Secret yoga pants are so comfortable to lounge around in, but put them to some good use and work out in them too.
      -Make a workout schedule and hang it some place where you will see it daily. It's like keeping an agenda. If you already write it into your schedule, you will most likely try to keep a part of your day.
Do you have any tips on sticking with a workout? Leave them in the comments below.
xoxo erica