DIY Instagram Photo Garland

 I'm known for keeping photos on my phone and never printing them...I think maybe we're all a little guilty of that right? I used to scrapbook all the time about two years ago and decided to pick it up again so I've been printing out photos for that lately, but I knew that it was time to print out some insta photos! I actually made a collage from the A Beautiful Mess App, putting 4 insta photos in one 4x6 to create the perfect mini instas for a photo garland. This is a pretty quick project to whip out, seriously the hardest part is trying to decide which photos to print!
Supplies: Insta photos, glue gun, and any kind of string
Place photos in an order of your liking, flip photo over, add some glue, and attach string. Easy peasy!
If you want to do a double strand, make two separate strands and then attach together or just make one really long strand and hang everywhere!
xoxo erica