Married // The Morning of the Wedding

 Hey everyone, I'm sooooo excited for this post. It's been a long time coming, but finally I'm sharing some of the wedding photos!!!! These are only from the morning of while getting ready, but I'll be sharing more soon.
The morning of the wedding, me and Chris actually had to pick up the flowers from the florist and I got up super early. The whole time leading up to the wedding, I don't ever remember feeling nervous about it all. When I woke up that morning my heart was pounding, like when people say they can feel their heart beating out of their chest, well that was totally it. My parents were already up, so I went to go talk to them to calm my nerves and then headed out to meet Chris to get the flowers and then set up the reception hall. The whole morning just went by so fast because we were so busy. We only had two hours to set up the hall...tables, chairs, linens, decorations, our sweetheart backdrop...everything. It was all very hectic but we couldn't have got it all done without all the help from people that love us so much. Having aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, brothers, sisters, and our parents there to help out made me feel so lucky. After all that, I couldn't have been any happier than to get to the fun stuff. Getting my hair and make up done, finally being able to put on my dress, and getting excited to walk down the aisle. Truth be told, I was actually 15 minutes late to the ceremony lol but I'll save that for next time.
xoxo erica

photos from the lovely Kimberly Genevieve