Life Lately

 Had this yummy thing right here in celebration of National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! And because everything is better with sprinkles, you know I added some.
 2. On a girls shopping trip.
3. Pretty things I've been wearing...that perfume is my favorite.
4. I asked Chris for this Naked 2 pallette for Christmas...trying to use it more often.
5. My usual at Starbucks is a unsweetened green tea. I hadn't had a frap in what feels like 2 years and decided to give the green tea one a try...not bad.
 6. Chris bought me these pretty flowers...he's the sweetest.
7. This was my late night selfie...trying to stay on top of things.
8. I've been drinking lemon water a lot lately. Snapped this pic because look at how cute Scar looks. He never looks at the camera for me.
9. Catching up on magazine reads in my lace leggings.
10. We went to another concert this weekend...Korn & Avengend Sevenfold. This was after all the crazy good madness.

xoxo erica