Hair Tutorial // Pancake Braid

I like this braid because if you know how to do a braid then you can do it. There's no crazy grabbing hair from another section or crossing your fingers all sorts of ways. No, this is simple. It works great with long hair..oh how I can't wait for my hair to get long again. Why does hair take so long to grow? Do you have secrets to growing hair faster? Please share...oh please do. Even if my hair isn't long and it's pretty thin, I really like the look of this fluffed out and flattened braid. Super easy, you need to give it a try.
1. Pull hair to one side.
2. Braid you hair. Don't rubber band it yet. 
3. Tug at the outsides of your braid to "fluff" it out with one hand while still holding the end of your braid with the other hand.
4. Your braid will shorten and should like mine in the picture above.
Rubber band it and you're all done.
xoxo erica