A Month of Florals // Instagram Favorites

Hey everyone so I'm going to start this new thing around here where I have a word of the month and create fun posts with it. I was really inspired by the girls over at Treasures and Travels and thought it would be a great to stay more organized and still have fun being creative. This feature will just be mixed in with all the regular good stuff. So for August, I'm starting off with a month of florals...what girl doesn't love flowers? Oh this is going to be fun! I've always felt like I was one of those girls that had a ton of pics of cupcakes on my instagram but it's looking like I'm a flower kind of girl. But you know...when you bring fresh flowers home, it's kind of impossible not to snap a pic. They're just so pretty!! What kind of photos do you think you take the most of on instagram?
Share your favorite floral instagram pic with me #sobdamonthofflorals
xoxo erica