Married Makings // DIY Storage Cubby Hole Stand

 Okay, so I'm really excited to share this project. I've always done all the diy crafts/projects for the blog on my own, but this one is pretty special because me and Chris built this together!!!! Ha, actually Chris built it and I painted it lol Either way, it's always nice to do something together as a couple. For the wedding we did a lot of diy projects and had fun working on creative things together so I asked Chris to jump in on this project with me. When we got married, I moved in with Chris. The only problem was that Chris had a guy closet...and I have a lot of clothes. You get where I'm going with that right? Yeah, not enough space for both of our clothes. Luckily, I have a handy man and we decided to make this storage cubby hole stand to put some of my things in. Oh and the colors are just fun, bright, and happy...I love it! 
We used a treated 2x12 (but we recommend using a 2x12 white wood for a budget and time friendly)
Start off by measuring the top and bottom of the stand which will be your longer pieces. We did 34 1/2 inches. Use a skill saw if you have one, but if not a hand saw is just as good. Measure the skill saw to the depth of the wood (go no further than a 1/4 of an inch below the wood). Cut down the line where you measured 34 1/2 inches.
After all you cut all the pieces you should end up with:
Two pieces that measure 34 1/2 (top and bottom)
Two pieces that measure 11 inches (sides)
On your top piece, draw a line measuring the width of your side piece (this will be your boundary line of which you can place the nails). After your lines are drawn put a nail at the top and bottom of each end within the boundary you just created. Hammer the nail just far enough to wear you see it poking out on the other side. Line up the side pieces to the ends of the top piece. (Make sure the side piece is on the inside) Once you have hammered both side pieces to the top piece, flip over and repeat for the bottom piece.
 It should look like this, once all pieces are attached together. Make sure your corners are flushed (even). Take a tape measure and get the width and height of the stand to create your back piece.
 On a piece of particle wood (we used a 1/4 particle wood), measure the width (34 1/2 inches) and the length (12 inches). We used a chalk line to create straight lines. You will cut this out using the skill saw,  again remember to adjust the blade height like you did earlier when cutting the wood. 
 Look, I'm using power tools!! and of course I'm in a dress and heels.
Okay, back to the tutorial. use a t-nailer with a 18ga x 1 1/4 nails. Lay your just cut piece on the back of the frame, make sure it lines up evenly, and nail away. If you don't have a t-nailer tac-nails are just as good (use at least 1 inch)
 All you need to do now is make the dividers in the stand. 
Take your measurement of the cubby hold and add an additional 1/4 of an inch...make a line there.
 (Ours was 11 1/4 inches) From a 1x6 piece of wood, cut two pieces that are 11 inches in length. Place them where you marked your lines and make sure they are even by using a level. Once leveled, hammer in with t-nailer or t-ac nails.
We decided to add a 2 inch leg using a 2x2 piece of wood.
 Use painter's tape to outline the borders and paint your stand. I wanted to only highlight the edges but you can get creative here. Then we created lines on the cubby holes with a bright blue paint. Again use the painter's tape to section off the parts you don't want painted. Let everything dry.
Fill up with all your things. 
xoxo erica & chris