DIY // Washi Tape Barrette

 Okay so lately I've been loving all the patterns and colors of washi tape. I've been making cupcake toppers and labeling everything with it but this diy barrette is my latest washi project. I love how easy it is to transform a simple piece and make it a fun summer accessory. 
 Supplies: Washi Tape, Scissors, Barrette
 1. Cut a piece of tape a little over the length of the barrette. Stick barrette to washi tape and smooth over.
 2. Round off the edges of tape and cut two slits at angle so tape folds over smoothly.
 3. Fold in edge of tape.
All done & ready to wear!

Are you loving washi tape as much as I am? What projects have you tried with it lately?
If you try this one, let me know on instagram @ericamarie04 #sobdreamsdiy 

xoxo erica