Time Travel

Okay so I know it's already the new year but you'll forgive me for this post right?  I kind of took a break from blogging at the end of 2013 and it just doesn't feel right to start the new year without an official look back at the past. So here's to some of my favorite of 2013!
My ultimate favorite moment of 2013...the night we got engaged! see more photos from Austin here.
This Valentine's day outfit...the sky was beautiful that night.
A summer day at the beach. Beach days are always my favorite.
My mom bought me this dress...I always love getting unexpected gifts.
This monochromatic outfit was perfect for summer.
Yum...these were delicious!! And brownies in cupcake liners was one of the best ideas of the year. No fuss and no mess to clean later.
I started doing more hair tutorials the past year. This hair bow was the most fun.
Love that this diy confetti frame instantly adds a bit of happy to anything. I'm also just a bit obsessed with confetti.
I wore this outfit out to an unexpected night of karaoke. Such a fun night.
A fun candy inspired nail tutorial.
I made these fruit popsicles during the summer for a healthy and tasty treat.
Learning how to curl my hair with a straightener was my go to look towards the end of the year.
Loved all the colors that went into this outfit.
Cheesecake filled strawberries...perfect bite size of deliciousness.
This diy headband was a fun bold statement piece...loved the color combination.
I love cupcakes...and to add something sparkly just makes them even more fun. Loved these diy cupcake toppers.
This outfit was one of my more recent favorites...love this tee I got while on vacation in Arlington.

Thanks for taking a look back with me.
2013 was a good year but I'm so excited for what awaits in 2014. 
Only 3 more months until I get to marry my love.

xoxo erica