Life Lately

1. Chris surprised me with floor seats to see Justin, my favorite ever! I had an amazing time dancing and singing the night away. 
 2. This pic of my grandparents was on the fridge throughout the holidays. It's been years since my grandpa passed and every time I look at this pic it makes me incredibly happy. 
3. Eating Mexican with my love.
4. The newest addition to my family. I'm a great aunt!
5. The floral section is always my first stop when I go grocery shopping.
 6. Passion fruit tea and shopping...a happy combo.
7. Ringing in the new year with Scar. He doesn't look too happy about 2014 lol.
8. Pizza date after a movie :)
9. A peek at engagement photos.
10. Sending lots of love.

xoxo erica

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