A Happy Kind of Day

10 Things That Are Currently Making Me Happy

1. Tiny gold hearts on our envelopes for save the date cards.
2. The fact that I've already watched Hocus Pocus and we are only in the first few days of October.
3. Learning that being lazy in bed is a good thing.
4. Dreaming up Halloween themed treats.
5. Teasing Chris that we need to buy cat ears and take a family portrait with Scar.
6. Finally updating photos in my locket.
7. Embracing my shorter hair...loving it with curls.
8. Catching up on How I Met Your Mother, season 8 is finally on Netflix
9. Cupcakes with sprinkles
10. Cool weather all weekend. It actually feels like fall around here.

What's on your happy list?

I'm thinking of making Mondays a happy kind of day around here on the blog. 
Anyone else want to join? Email me