Feeling Good

Blouse: Thrifed, Slip: Thrifted, Skirt: Target, Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Litas
 For some time I felt like all my closet consisted of was black clothing. Over the past year or so, I've slowly been adding color to my wardrobe. I even uploaded a pic of my closet on instagram..I had a rainbow in there. It feels good to go back, try things out from my old self, step out in all black. For this outfit, I did a bit of layering. A slip underneath and a lace blouse over a skirt...just my normal girly self.
The cows usually don't like it when I'm in their "territory". 
This is me doing my best "They're coming" impression in a plants v. zombies voice. Somehow Chris got me hooked on that game. Shortly after I took this pic, I had to end my little photo shoot. They started coming at me pretty fast.
Hope you have a happy Wendesday!
xoxo erica