Dress Shopping

I'm so happy to be finally sharing this good news...Chris and I are engaged!!!!!!! Okay, did I put enough exclamation points there? Seriously I'm so excited. It was something like a dream to see Chris down on one knee.  I remember being in shock at first when I said yes and then after a few minutes all the excitement set in. We were in Austin when he asked me and to start our engagement off right; we went down to the hotel bar to have a celebratory drink before heading off to prom. I had a diamond margarita...very fitting right? I actually liked that he asked me with just the two of us there rather than in front of family. We got to have the whole night and the day after to just be excited about the whole thing. Once we started telling family and friends all kinds of questions were coming from left and right about wedding details...and it got overwhelming to not have any of the answers. With that being said, the last few weeks have been spent in wedding planning mode because we are looking at getting married in about 7 months!! So last week, I went and picked out a dress :) 
As more details start to fall into place, I'll be sharing a few here.

If you want to see a few pics from our anniversary check it out here

xoxo erica