Mermaid Braid Tutorial

 Hey it's Friday!! I wanted to leave you all with a fun braid to try this weekend. I finally learned how to do a mermaid braid. I've always wanted to know how to do it simply because of it's name. In another life I would be a mermaid. Last summer I really got into braids and they are my go to hairstyle whenever I want to pull my hair back...especially while working out. I usually switch them up every now and then. The mermaid braid has been my favorite this summer.
Separate hair into 3 sections, 2 large strands and 1 small strand
Braid up the large sections. Make sure to rubber band each braid.
Open up the first loop of the braid, stick finger through and grab the small strand, pull through.
Cross over and repeat for other braid.
Repeat these steps until you complete the full braid.
It should look like this. 
Rubber band the full braid and remove the rubber bands from your initial separate braids.
 Loosen up the braid &
 it's ready to wear!
xoxo erica