First Beach Trip of the Summer

 The beach has alway been my little place of happiness. Every year for my birthday I always tell Chris that I want to go to the beach but every time we plan it, it rains...bummer. We finally decided to make it a point to head out there this summer. It was a beautiful day and the water was refreshing to be in while out in the hot sun. There was actually a shark attack at this beach about 2 days or so before we went...eek!! so I really didn't go out too far in the water. Either way I was happy, I could just sit on the shore all day and let the waves crash on my skin. Oh and we even managed to get the truck stuck in the sand...see the pic of me standing in the was pretty deep. When a huge truck came by and pulled us out, there was an applause and cheers from all the people around us. About 2 other trucks had tried earlier and failed miserably...3rd times a charm. We can laugh about it now. Hopefully we will make it out to the beach at least once again before summers over...crossing my fingers.
xoxo erica