Conversation Cupcakes

It had been far too long since I've baked cupcakes so when my mom asked me to make some for a family get together I was more than happy. Any time is a good time for a cupcake but when you're celebrating they're even better with fun toppers. I couldn't resist but to make some that included glitter and idea for a fun party.
 Supplies: Cardstock, glitter, sequins, glue, pencil, brush, glue gun & toothpicks
 1. Draw out or trace your letter from a template (I like to do block letters just so it's easier to cut out)
2. Cut out your letters.
3. Brush glue over letters and sprinkle with glitter.
4. Add a few drops of glue and add sequins.
5. Glue your toothpick to letter with a glue gun.
6. Repeat each step to have both a front and backside of your topper.
Frost cupcakes and spell out a fun message!!
xoxo erica