Life Lately

1. Eating pizza while waiting for Shinedown to come on stage...have you ever seen them? They are amazing!!!
2. I just started a new nutrition plan and have been trying to eat better, this is my favorite snack.
3. Getting out in the city to see Carrie Underwood...I went to three concerts that week!
4. A bulldog bank Chris bought for me...I think he may be wearing more than he has in him lol.
5. My journal to keep track of my meals and workouts and my fitness inspiration...I added the pic to it because that's pretty much how I feel about summer.
6. My favorite from starbucks, mocha & madelines. Oh if you ever get a mocha ask for an extra pump of vanilla...just a little trick I learned while working there years ago.
7. My dad's birthday cake that my sis made for him...isn't she just so creative?
8. Trying on stripes in the fitting room while on a recent shopping trip.
9. Scar...he's the only one we have left. Love him so much.
10. At the club with Chris on Saturday night.

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xoxo erica

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