In the Nude

 Dress: Gifted, Heels: Kimichi Blue, Belt: Target, Necklace: Diament Designs
Other than all black from head to toe, I think this is the first monochromatic look I've ever tried to pull off. I like it. I wore this yesterday to celebrate Mother's day and really wanted to feel dressed up to hang out with my mom. I kept teasing Chris asking him if I was getting anything for mother's day (even though I'm not a real mom) from our cat Scar. Hey I lost sleep when he was a baby and had to bottle feed him every so many hours..that counts for something right? But for real, I hope every one enjoyed spending time with your mothers and family. I had a relaxing weekend as expected but now that it's Monday, my birthday week officially starts. I have to thank Chris for getting me into birthday weeks...everything my way all week, I'm going to be a happy girl.
Oh and that star tattoo, my niece's wanted to put one on me at breakfast so I just went along with it. 
I may not be a mom yet, but I'm a good aunt. 
Happy Monday!
xoxo erica