If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Pom Pom Garland

It seems that I'm hooked on making all different kinds of garland. Do you remember the tassel one I shared not too long ago? Anyway I'm getting pretty excited about Valentine's Day and decided to do one in the expected color scheme. This one was really simple and is one of those that is easy to do while watching your favorite show. There's not too much work that goes into it but the end result looks great.

Pom Poms

The Steps
1. String thread through the eye of the needle and make a knot. 
2. Push needle through pom pom.
3. Make a pattern with your pom poms. I found it easier to let the pom poms collect together and gradually move them down the thread.
4. Separate each pom pom so that you have about half an inch between each.
5. Make a small loop on each end of the garland and hang.

xoxo erica