Nine Lives

me and my niece Isabella

I feel like I've dressed up as a black cat more times than I can remember. Yesterday, my mom threw a Witches Convention party where either we could dress up as a witch or a black cat. Last year I was a witch so this year I went with a cat. Halloween is my family's favorite time of the year and I think we find any excuse to celebrate. We've already done the Halloween movie night and there are still more parties to attend. I'm still trying to figure out what to dress up as this year for my cousin's Halloween party. It's a couple thing so I'm trying to think of something Chris and I could do together. So far all we have are Peg and Al Bundy or Danny and Sandy at the end of Grease. Do you all know what you're dressing up as yet? 

 Hope you all have a Happy Weekend!!

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xoxo erica

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