If You Want Something Do It Yourself: Floral Crown

I know we've all seen these floral crowns done just about everywhere but I wanted to show you my version of making one. Or maybe you've been wanting to do it and just haven't yet so hopefully this inspires you to let your inner flower wild child come out.

Here's how to do it yourself:

Measure the floral wire around your head and glue ends together to make a halo.
I decided to go with the brown floral wire because I thought it looked more natural.

Cut your floral pieces

Start to glue your flowers where the ends of your floral wire meet. 

I used the purple flowers that were more vine like. I wanted them to lay flat on the wire so I used leaves from some of the other floral pieces to hold them down. 

All done! Now go run barefoot in a field full of flowers or something like that.

xoxo erica

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